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Welcome to NLCRC!

The NLCRC provides educational research, collection of civil rights data and collaboration with high schools, higher education, government, churches and other community organizations to be housed in north Louisiana’s civil rights museum.

Our Mission:

To promote and provide assistance in the collection, documentation, and dissemination of information regarding the Civil Rights history of Northern Louisiana.

Urgent! Help Us Identify These Legends!

Dr. C.O. Simpkins (#49), Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (#50), and at least fifty other people (counting the photographer) gathered in mid-August of 1958 at the old Galilee Baptist Church in the cause of Civil Rights.

Please help us identify the people in this historic Civil Rights meeting at the original Galilee Baptist Church in mid-August of 1958! Click here to do so.

We are working with the City of Shreveport to restore the old Galilee Baptist Church that former slaves built. Dr Martin Luther King spoke to Shreveport from her pulpit. Our Capital Campaign is dedicated to seeing this sacred space hold the treasures of the past.

Our education department is involved in community presentations and the showing of “Beyond Galilee,” a documentary by T. D. Antoine and Joey Kent. We are available to work with community organizations, schools and anyone who wants to learn from our past.