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I.D. These Legends

This historic photograph (part of which forms the backdrop of our website) depicts an historic Civil Rights meeting at the original Galilee Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA in mid-August of 1958. Our 2018 Gala honoree, Dr. C.O. Simpkins (#49), is sitting next to the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. himself (#50)!

We need your help identifying the rest of the people in it. These courageous heroes must be remembered for what they helped accomplish. Click here to view the photo full-size, or right-click to download.

Please use this form to identify anyone you may know. As we receive credible identification, we will add their names to the list below. Please hurry, as we want as many as possible to be recognized at the Gala on November 3!

Short description of position(s) etc. this person held at the time of this 1958 meeting or afterward.
What relationship is this person to you, or how do you otherwise know who this person is?
Additional biographical information you think we should know about this person.
Optional photo(s) of the person, preferrably arond the time of the 1958 meeting to help confirm the identity, but any photos will help.

People Identified So Far:

  1. Rev. J.E. Rutledge
  2. Rev. J. Terrell Stewart
  3. John B. Sims, Pastor at St. Rest Baptist Church
  4. (Photographer, not actually in the photo — know who this is?)
  5. Rev. Henry L. Brown
  6. Dr. C.O. Simpkins, our Gala honoree! (1925–)
  7. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil Rights legend and martyr (1929–1968)
  8. Rev. Leonard Williams